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0.5Second Dry Eyelash Extension Glue.


LONGEST RETENTION PERIOD of any semi permanent eyelash extension glue on the market, lasting up to 7-8 weeks!


PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE EYES - Specifically formulated to minimize (but not eliminate) the potential of irritation fumes or odor when applying lash extensions. Use this gentle glue on your clients with sensitive eyes.

Lashes By Tatyz Adhesive

  • This 5ML CLASSIC black lash adhesive is perfect for experienced technicians with an incredible of 0.5Sec, you will be able to service you customers much faster and more efficiently. Volume eyelash extensions require a quick drying eyelash extension adhesive to maintain consistency in your volume fans.

    Setting time:0.5 Seconds Durability:7-8weeks

    Optimal humidity for use:30%-70%


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